6 09, 2019

LASER Dust Sensor ZPH02 | Dust Particle Sensor | Arduino Code

2019-11-12T10:55:50+05:30Project Material|

ZPH02 Dust Sensor Definition - ZPH02 Dust Sensor A ZPH02 LASER Dust Sensor uses advanced integrates infrared PM2.5 (Particulate Matter that has a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers) principle and the more effective [...]

19 08, 2019

CJMCU-3247 | Current to Voltage Converter Module | 0-4mA / 20mA to 0-24V

2019-11-12T10:54:39+05:30Project Material|

CJMCU-3247 | Current to Voltage Converter Why 4-20 ma signal sensor is used in Industrial instrumentation? In the process of circuit signal transmission in long cable, voltage drop and Electromagnetic interference are [...]

31 07, 2019

SCT-013-000 Split Core Current Transformer, 100A, 50A, 30A

2020-12-28T13:16:27+05:30Project Material|

SCT-013  Split Core Current Transformer In some existing power systems installations, the measured conductor cannot be opened or remove for insertion of the current transformer. In such cases Split-core current transformers allows you to [...]

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