LCD interfacing with Arduino Nano

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LCD interfacing with Arduino Nano 16*2 Character LCD Displays are most commonly used for open source Arduino projects, to display text and number information.  The best way to interface Arduino microcontroller with LCD is in 4-bit mode. Common methods for connecting LCD  directly connected displays and the connected through [...]

PZEM-004T Module for Designing Smart Meter

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PZEM-004T PZEM-004T is the best for the purpose of the DIY project, where we need to measure the voltage, current and power using Arduino/ESP8266/Raspberry Pi like opensource platform. In many electrical projects, engineer directly deals with measurements with few basic requirements like High galvanic isolation Parameter [...]

How to make best resume for Electrical engineering Freshers?

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Write your Skills and Ability Section with specific keywords :  For example  : Diligent and Driven Team Player Seeking Exciting Responsibilities as a Fresher. Excellent in designing and developing creative and innovative ideas as per requirement. Solving problem in an effective and creative manner in a challenging position. Precis, Bio Make it precise and accurate. For example: Rohan [...]

AC Digital Multi function Smart Meter using Arduino and PZEM-004T

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AC Digital Multifunction Smart Meter using Arduino and PZEM-004T : Smart Meter Smart Meter using PZEM-004T for the measurement of Electrical parameters like voltage, current, active power and energy. KNOW MORE ABOUT PROJECT FEATURES Electrical parameter measurement function Voltage, Current, Active power Serial communication (TTL serial interface) Easily [...]

Best Final Year Electrical Engineering Projects

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Project ID Description IG001 Fault Current Limiting Transformer With Variable Reactance IG002 A DC Motor Driver consisting of a single MOSFET with the capability of speed and direction control. IG003 Three phase linear Autotransformer using Rectangular core IG004 Design and Implementation of a Distribution Transformer Monitoring System for Remote Electric Power Grids IG005 Electrical Power [...]

Smart Energy meter for Automatic meter Reading (AMR) and theft Detection

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Smart Energy meter for Automatic meter Reading (AMR) and theft Detection: GSM Based Energy Meter Smart Meter to detect theft, tampering, Over/Under voltage protection, bill block change indication  & SMS Alert. KNOW MORE ABOUT PROJECT FEATURES [...]

Best Final Year Electronics Engineering Projects

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Project ID Project Name Get Details IGEC001 Integrated Automotive Safety System   IGEC002 SmartBin: IOT Based Smart Garbage alert system   IGEC003 Wireless Device Control for Industrial Automation   IGEC004 Real Time Monitoring & Alert System for Landslide   IGEC005 Wireless and Real-Time Photovoltaic Power Monitoring System using MATLAB   [...]

Switching high voltage load using TRIAC

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TRIAC The TRIAC (triode for alternating current) is an ideal power electronics switch to use for switching applications because it can control the flow of current over both positive as well as negative half cycle of alternating waveform. Its also having advantage of low cost over back to back thyristor circuit, To control current upto 4A, voltage upto [...]

What are good final year projects for electrical engineers?

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 Although there are dozens of sub-branches in Electrical engineering but only few of them are evergreen. Here, evergreen means engineering project field which are high in demand in industrial markets. The below mentioned Electrical engineering field has very Promising Strategies for Advancement in Knowledge. Core Electrical Design and development of electrical machine like Transformer for [...]

Latest Seminar Topics for Electrical Engineering Students

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Best Seminar topics on the latest innovative technology for electrical and electronics engineering students. Vortex .Bladeless Wind Generator THE FUTURE OF WIND TURBINES? NO BLADES Day by day energy demand is rising, to meet that demand in the future, civilization will be forced to research and develop [...]