We provide latest electronics engineering projects for final year engineering students and researchers. we help to design and develop their research idea from concept to creations. Our team also give most innovative ideas for their research and help them to understand it properly. most of the DIY mini projects are free of cost.

IoT Based Distribution Transformer Monitoring System Using Arduino | PPT | Code | Report [ 2020 ]

2022-07-03T14:22:05+05:30Electrical Engineering Projects, Electronics Engineering Projects, Engineering Projects, IOT Projects|

IoT Based  Distribution Transformer Monitoring System | PPT | Code | Report The main objective of this project is to design and develop Transformer Monitoring System using Arduino and Real time IoT platform [...]

DIY Voice Control Smart Space Heater using Sonoff TH16

2020-01-30T19:24:01+05:30Engineering Projects, Electronics Engineering Projects, IOT Projects|

DIY Voice Control Smart Space Heater using Sonoff TH16 | DIY Holiday Projects Let's make a voice control smart space heater using Sonoff TH16 this summer holiday. Smart Space Heater is the best [...]

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