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IGEC001Integrated Automotive Safety System 
IGEC002SmartBin: IOT Based Smart Garbage alert system 
IGEC003Wireless Device Control for Industrial Automation 
IGEC004Real Time Monitoring & Alert System for Landslide 
IGEC005Wireless and Real-Time Photovoltaic Power Monitoring System using MATLAB 
IGEC006 A smart helmet for air quality and hazardous event detection for the mining industry` 
IGEC007Industrial Safety Parameters Monitoring in IOT Environment 
IGEC008GSM Based Industrial Appliances Control Using Arduino Processor 
IGEC009Internet of Things for Smart Cities 
IGEC010Design and Implementation of a GSM Based remote home security and appliance control system 
IGEC011Design and Implementation of an Isolated Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System 
IGEC012Real Time Monitoring System for Mine Safety using Wireless Sensor Network 
IGEC013Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Safety and Fault Management 
IGEC014Efficient Error Reduction In Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Using Temperature Compensation 
IGEC015Flood Sensing Framework by Arduino and Wireless Sensor Network in Rural-India 
IGEC016GSM Based Gas Leakage Detection System in industrial environment 
IGEC017Wireless monitoring system and controlling for Smart Greenhouse Management 
IGEC018Smart Home for Elderly Care, based on Wireless Sensor Network 
IGEC019Wireless hotel order management using RF 
IGEC020GPS based Sun Tracker: Design, Build and Test 
IGEC021Design and Implementation of a System Access Control by RFID 
IGEC022Portable Heart Rate Measurement for Remote Health Monitoring System 
IGEC023K-RLE : A new Data Compression Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network 
IGEC024RFID Based Security and Access Control System Using Arduino with GSM Module 
IGEC025Smart Farming System Using Sensors for Agricultural Task Automation 
IGEC026Design and Development of a Low-Cost wireless Multi-sensor network for industrial safety. 
IGEC027Development of Wi-Fi- Based Switch Control System For Home Appliances 
IGEC028Blind Guardian: A Sonar-Based Solution for Avoiding Collisions with the Real World 
IGEC029Design Real Time Battery Monitoring System 
IGEC030Smart Digital Density Meter 
IGEC031Design and Development of a Low-Cost wireless Multi-sensor network for Street light automation. 
IGEC032The Application of Fuzzy Control in Water Tank Level Using Arduino 
IGEC033Hand Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm 
IGEC034Design and Analysis of a Low Cost PV Analyzer using Arduino UNO 
IGEC035Electronic Weighing Scale 
IGEC036Solar Tracking System Design based on GPS and Astronomical Equations 
IGEC037Energy Production Using Wind Belt Technology for low power WSN 
IGEC038Smart wireless healthcare monitoring for drivers community 
IGEC039Solar Powered water purifire – A solution for Energy and Water Crisis 
IGEC040Solar Tracking System Design based on GPS and Astronomical Equations 
IGEC041Vehicle Vibration Signal Processing for Road Surface Monitoring 
IGEC042Hybrid Battery Charging System Using Solar PV and Utility Grid 
IGEC043Designing smart solar powered lighting systems 
IGEC045Design and Implementation of Building Energy Monitoring and Management System based on Wireless Sensor Networks 
IGEC046A Low Cost Multi-Sensor Approach for Early Warning in Structural Monitoring of Buildings and Structures 
IGEC047Matlab based Remote Monitoring and Controlling of Wireless Sensor Node for LPG Gas Leakage Detection 
IGEC048Solar Powered Railway Track Monitoring System 
IGEC049Monitor and Remote Control o f a Heating Cloth for the Aged 
IGEC050Smart Wireless Healthcare Monitoring for Drivers Community 
IGEC051Solar -Powered Android-Based Speed Control of DC Motor 
IGEC052Real Time Solid Waste Bin Monitoring System Framework Using Wireless Sensor
IGEC053A Smart Farming Alternative for Small Pomegranate  Farms of India 
IGEC054GSM Based Digital Door Lock Security System 
IGEC055Design and Development of Low Cost Voice Control Smart Home Device 
IGEC056A forest fire monitoring system based on GPRS and ZigBee wireless sensor network 
IGEC057Dual-Axis Solar Tracking System Based on Fuzzy Logic 
IGEC058Electronic Speaking System for Speech Impaired People: Speak Up 
IGEC059Embedded System for Increasing Home Comfort and Security 
IGEC060Finger Movement based Attender Calling System for ICU Patient 
IGEC061Access Control System using NFC and Arduino 
IGEC062Distributed System as Internet of Things for a new low-cost, Air Pollution Wireless Monitoring on Real Time 
IGEC063Implementation of real time factory information system using arduino and android 
IGEC064Accelerometer-Based Angle Measurement System With Application in Hospital Bed 
IGEC065 Photosensitive Security System for Theft Detection and Control using GSM technology 
IGEC066Smart Plug solution based on Bluetooth 
IGEC067 An IoT based home automation using android application 
IGEC068Wireless communication-based smoke detection system design for forest fire monitoring 
IGEC069Smart Farming System Using Sensors for Agricultural Task Automation 
IGEC070The water quality monitoring system based on WSN 
IGEC071wildCENSE: GPS based animal tracking system 
IGEC072Networked embedded greenhouse monitoring and control 
IGEC073Wireless smoke detection system 
IGEC074Green house monitoring and controlling using Android mobile application 
IGEC075Digital D.C. Motor Speed Control Using Hall Effect 
IGEC076A Low-Cost Flash Flood Monitoring System 
IGEC077Wearable Glove-Type Driver Stress Detection Using a Motion Sensor 
IGEC078 Hands free POS automated RFID scanning glove to reduce waiting time of store checkout lines 
IGEC079Smart glove for Sign Language communications 
IGEC080Homebuilt: A Glove-Operated Robot 
IGEC081 Smart helmets for automatic control of headlamps 
IGEC082Implementation of smart safety helmet for coal mine workers 
IGEC083Design and implementation of helmet to track the accident zone and recovery using GPS and GSM 
IGEC084 Design and implementation of inteligent helmet to prevent bike accident in India 
IGEC085Development of a smart home energy saving system combining multiple smart devices 
IGEC086Remote controlled automatic food processing system with GSM module 
IGEC087Implementation of speech based home automation system using Bluetooth and GSM 
IGEC088Remote control and supervision by the GSM network of a photovoltaic pumping station 
IGEC089Electrical appliances control prototype by using GSM module and Arduino 
IGEC090Smart helmet with sensors for accident prevention 
IGEC091Design and implementation of remotely located energy meter monitoring with load control and mobile billing system through GSM 
IGEC092Design and implementation of real time transformer health monitoring system using GSM technology 
IGEC093Wireless sensor based closed loop real time laboratory access using GSM 
IGEC095Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle 
IGEC096Arduino Operated Obstacle Avoidance Robot 
IGEC097Fire Fighting Robot Remotely Operated by Android Applications 
IGEC098 Life saving alert for wearing helmets using security tokens 
IGEC099Pick N Place Robotic Arm and Movement Controlled by Android Wirelessly 
IGEC100Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle Operated by Android Application 
IGEC101Arduino based Electrical Appliances Control using IR 
IGEC102Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control by Android Application 
IGEC103Remote Password Operated Security Control by Android Applications 
IGEC104Four Quadrant Operation of DC Motor Remotely Controlled by Android Application 
IGEC105Password based Remote Controlled Door Opening by Android Application 
IGEC106Automated Irrigation System using a Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Module 
IGEC107Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System 
IGEC108Display of Underground Cable Fault Distance over Internet 
IGEC109Underground Cable Fault Distance Conveyed over GSM 
IGEC110IGBT based Soft Start for Induction Motor 
IGEC111RFID based Paid Car Parking 
IGEC112Password Based Circuit Breaker 
IGEC113BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM Displa 
IGEC114RF based Home Automation Syste 
IGEC115Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System in Hospitals for Patients 
IGEC116Arduino based Home Automation 
IGEC117Touch based digital ordering system on Android using GSM and Bluetooth for restaurants 
IGEC118GSM based digital door lock security system 
IGEC119An intelligent system for monitoring and controlling of street light usingGSM technology 

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