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Every electrical engineer has endless possibilities
to select the best engineering projects for their final year.

Those Are Just A Few
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There Are Plenty More …

Power Electronics



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Working with you is very great expirence for my BE and Mtech project.

Ansar Mulani, JSPM

Thank you so much sir…if any problems occur during project work then you easily solve.it was very nice experience with you sir..and I also know the how to do this project..with help of you..

Chaitalee Zagade, Sinhgad

This is great place for final year engineering projects, you can turn your ideas into reality here. The staff here will assist you in your project you can have access to all the equipment available here and they will encourage you to do innovative and constructive.

Abhilash Tarhale, Zeal

We had a best experience ,while working in this institution. The service was provided by them are very useful. They cleared all our doubts also we had practical experience so our all concept regarding with our project get cleared. Thank you for giving us such type of knowledge and experience ..

Pratiksha Yelagude, SKN
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