Core Electrical Projects For Engineering Students

Core Electrical projects for students

The Core electrical projects consider all aspects of electric energy production, transmission and distribution and utilization.

We attempt to give the students the big picture of the best core electrical engineering projects for a final year.
The idea is to create a project in
core electrical engineering which affects entire lives and the world around them.

Our list of project contains the most advanced electrical engineering projects in 2020.

List of Best Core Electrical Engineering Projects in 2020

Project IDDescription
IGEC01Solid-State On Load Tap-Changer for Transformer Using Microcontroller
IGEC02Flux-based turn-to-turn fault protection for Three-phase Power Transformers
IGEC03AC Power Measurement using Arduino
IGEC04Design and Implementation Iot Based Distribution Transformer Monitoring System for Remote Electric Power Grid
IGEC05Electrical Power Monitoring and Protection using a Real-time System
IGEC06Design and Implementation of a Wireless Automatic Meter Reading System
IGEC07Programmable Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (pGFCI)
IGEC08Design of novel inter-turn fault monitoring and controlling system for three phase distribution transformer
IGEC09Fault Current Limiting Transformer With Variable Reactance
IGEC10VAR Compensation using Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC)
IGEC11IOT Based Energy Meter Reading Using Arduino
IGEC12Solid-State On Load Tap-Changer for Transformer Using Microcontroller
IGEC13An Efficient Monitoring Of Substations Using Microcontroller Based Monitoring System
IGEC14Resistive capacitor switching transient limiter(RCSTL) for mitigating power capacitor switching transients
IGEC15 Reactive power compensator using microcontroller
IGEC16Three phase induction motor protection and wireless monitoring
IGEC17Real Time Agricultural Automation using solar power plant
IGEC18Power Saving smart Street Lights using IOT
IGEC19 Wireless Energy Consumption Control based on Prioritised Load Switching in smart grid
IGEC20Remote monitor of farmland irrigation three-phase motor based on the GSM module
IGEC21Development of automatic voltage regulator for three-phase synchronous generator
IGEC22Hybrid solar panel with smart GPS tracker
IGEC23Intelligent Wireless System for Monitoring Fault in Power Transmission Lines
IGEC24Solar Tracking System Design based on GPS and Astronomical Equations
IGEC25Load Distribution Strategy Considering the Economy of Parallel Transformers
IGEC26IGBT based Soft Start for Induction Motor
IGEC27Advanced Digital Smart Meter for Dynamic Billing, Tamper Detection and Consumer Awareness
IGEC28Series Transformer-Based Solid State Fault Current Limiter
IGEC29Design of Small Smart Home System
IGEC30Design Real Time Battery Monitoring System
IGEC31Development of a New Modeling Circuit for the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) with GSM Communication
IGEC32Microcontroller Based Three Phase Fault Analysis for Temporary and Permanent Fault
IGEC33Transmission line Fault Current Limitation Using Thyristor Based Devices
IGEC34Wireless Power Transmission for House Appliances
IGEC35 Multistage Dynamic Braking of Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
IGEC36Design and Implementation of Remote Terminal Unit for Feeder Automation System
IGEC37Harmonic and Neutral to Ground Voltage Reduction Using Isolation Transformer
IGEC38Microcontroller Based Solar Battery Charging System with MPPT Features at Low Irradiance Condition
IGEC39Design of a Linear Generator for Wave Energy Plant
IGEC40Speed Control Unit Designed For A Dc Motor Using Arduino
IGEC41Smart Distribution Transformer monitoring and protection system Applied To Smart Grids
IGEC42Smart GSM Based Home Automation System
IGEC43Design and Implementation of a GSM Based remote home security and appliance control system
IGEC44Remote Terminal Unit for Feeder Automation and monitoring using the internet.
IGEC45Design and Implementation of an IOT(Internet of Thing) based Automatic Meter Reading System
IGEC46Design and Implementation of an Isolated Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System
IGEC47Transmission line fault analysis and classification
IGEC48Real-Time Monitoring System for Mine Safety using Wireless Sensor Network
IGEC49Solar Powered water purifier – A solution for Energy and Water Crisis
IGEC50Solar Powered vaccine storage refrigerator
IGEC51Solar -Powered Android-Based Speed Control of DC Motor
IGEC52Smart Plug solution based on Bluetooth
IGEC53Wireless communication-based smoke detection system design for forest fire monitoring
IGEC54Desolenator – desalinates salt water using the sun’s energy
IGEC55Solar Powered water purifier – A solution for Energy and Water Crisis
IGEC56Design and implementation of real-time transformer health monitoring system using GSM technology
IGEC57Password-Based Circuit Breaker for lineman safety

There are also plenty more core electrical projects that come under the hood, like power electronics projects, Machine design projects and electrical projects for IOT. InnovatorsGuru teams will continue to update this post as more hidden projects in core electrical are discovered in the coming days.

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