IoT Project Ideas For Electrical and Electronics
Engineering Students

Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly increasing new technology because today’s world is the internet world. IoT is a combination of the communication system and embedded system which is used to connect hardware devices to the network or internet.  But learning IoT is not very simple, as the system works on complex procedures and modules. The best way to learn IoT is by building projects and learning while doing it. In this article, you can find lots of new IoT project ideas to do in their engineering career.

[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faq7pvpkqi30″ html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”13627″ question=”What is IoT project?” img_alt=”Iot projects for Electrical ” css_class=”” ]Any Physical Object or things connected to the internet is known as IoT. For example, Machines, motors, sensors, actuators are connected to the internet for monitoring and controlling its operations. IoT projects is nothing but using the internet to monitor and control the physical objects.[/sc_fs_faq]

Internet of Things (IoT) comprises things that have unique identities and are connected to the Internet. The focus on IoT is in the configuration, control and networking via the Internet of devices or “Things” that are traditionally not associated with the internet.  Eg: pump, utility meter, car engine

IoT is a new revolution in the capabilities of the endpoints that are connected to the internet.

The Scope of IoT is not limited to just connecting things (device, appliances, machines) to the Internet. IoT allows these things to communicate and exchange data (control& information). Processing on these data will provide us various applications towards a common user or machine goal.


These IoT based project ideas are challenging field to students and researchers for further IoT research and development. Here is the list of best IoT projects for engineering students in 2020.

List of Best Internet of Things (IoT) Project Ideas for Engineering Students

  • An Efficient Monitoring Of Substations Using IOT Based Monitoring System
  • Power Saving Mechanism for Street Lights using IOT
  • IOT based Feeder automation
  • The remote monitor of farmland irrigation three-phase motor based on the IOT network.
  • IOT based Transformer Health monitoring system[ IEEE2019 ] [Buy now]
  • Wireless Energy Consumption Control based on Prioritized Load Switching
  • Real-time visualisation of residential load flexibility for advanced demand side management using IoT
  • IOT Based Energy Meter Reading Using Arduino [ Buy now ]
  • Demand-side load management using GSM enabled smart energy meter
  • Design and Implementation of a IOT(Internet of Thing) based Automatic Meter Reading System
  • Implementation of Demand Side Management using IOT.
  • SmartBin: IOT Based Smart Garbage alert system
  • IOT based energy management system with load sharing and source management features
  • Energy saving IoT-based advanced load limiter
  • When Weather Matters: IoT-Based Electrical Load Forecasting for Smart Grid
  • Load forecasting at distribution transformer using IoT based smart meter data
  • A smart home appliances control system based on digital electronics and GSM network
  • IoT based control and automation of smart irrigation system: An automated irrigation system using sensors, GSM, Bluetooth and cloud technology
  • Development of IOT based solution for monitoring and controlling of distribution transformers
  • IOT based health monitoring systems
  • An IoT-Based E-Health Monitoring System Using ECG Signal
  • We-care: An IoT-based health care system for elderly people
  • Design and implementation of cloud based patient health care monitoring systems using IoT
  • Advanced IOT based combined remote health monitoring, home automation and alarm system
  • A Cloud-Based Smart-Parking System Based on Internet-of-Things Technologies
  • Signal processing techniques for IoT-based structural health monitoring
  • Precision agriculture using remote monitoring systems
  • Implement smart farm with IoT technology
  • IoT implementation for indoor vertical farming watering system
  • Review on IOT based multidisciplinary models for smart farming
  • IOT agriculture to improve food and farming technology
  • Hydroponic management and monitoring system for an IOT
  • Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart animal farm
  • IoT solutions for crop protection against wild animal attacks
  • IoT based sensor enabled smart car parking for an advanced driver assistance system
  • Iot based automated car maintenance assist
  • Automation of a paper-based waste tracking system
  • Tsunami alert & detection system using IoT
  • Smart threat alert system using IoT
  • Road Vehicle Alert System Using IOT
  • Gas Leakage Detection and Smart Alerting and prediction using IoT
  • IoT based smart city traffic alert system design
  • IOT based smart garbage alert system using Arduino UNO
  • PiCam: IoT Based Wireless Alert System for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • IoT based smart emergency response system for fire hazards
  • IoT platform for condition monitoring of industrial motors
  • IoT-based wireless induction motor monitoring
  • Smart automated irrigation system with disease prediction
  • IoT based smart sprinkling system
  • IoT based Vibration Analytics of Electrical Machines
  • Real time condition monitoring system for industrial motors
  • Development of an IoT-based visitor detection system
  • Vibration Analysis for IoT Enabled Predictive Maintenance of industrial machine
  • Design and implementation of real time security surveillance system using IoT
  • A novel and secure smart parking management system (SPMS) based on integration of WSN, RFID, and IoT
  • Integration of RFID and sensor in agriculture using IOT
  • Analysis of Transformer Faults using IOT
  • A Smart Power Meter to Monitor Energy Flow in Smart Grids
  • IoT Based Smart Irrigation Monitoring And Controlling System
  • Monitoring Of Highway Wind Power Parameter and Controlling Highway Light Through IOT
  • Smart Power-Strip: Home Automation by Bringing Outlets into the IoT
  • IOT Based Energy Management System with Load Sharing and Source Management Features
  • IOT based Power factor metering system
  • A Review of Spectroscopy Technology Applications in Transformer Condition Monitoring
  • Real Time Remote Solar Monitoring System
  • An IoT Based Smart Solar Photovoltaic Remote Monitoring and Control unit
  • IOT based smart restaurant system using RFID
  • An automatic attendance monitoring system using RFID and IOT using Cloud
  • Monitoring the operation of transmission line in a smart grid system through IoT
  • IoT-based smart grid system design for smart home
  • smart irrigation system using iot
  • weather monitoring system using iot
  • automatic street lighting system using iot
  • Controlling of home appliances through Internet
  • Energy efficient smart street light
  • Low cost implementation of smart home automation
  • Implementation of WiFi-based single phase smart meter for Internet of Things (IoT)
  • IOT based controlling of hybrid energy system using ESP8266
  • Smart-home automation using IoT-based sensing and monitoring platform
  • Design of flooding detection system based on velocity and water level DAM
  • Development of an Internet-based prepaid energy meter
  • Health condition monitoring system for distribution transformer using Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Transformer Fault Condition Prognosis Using Vibration Signals Over Cloud Environment