CCS811 | CJMCU-811 VOCs Gas Sensors

ccs811 arduino code

Where to Buy?

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About CCS811 

CCS811 air quality sensor is an extremely-low power digital gas detector sensor that incorporates a metal oxide gas sensor to identify a broad range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for air quality monitoring with a microcontroller that provides an ADC and an I2C interface.

CCS811 light sensor is best digital gas sensor Sensor for accurate air quality monitoring using Arduino, STM32, Raspberry Pi etc.  This ccs811 sensor module gy-811 breakout board is a small size, Wide range and High resolution.

This sensor is designed for indoor air quality tracking in personal gadgets such as smartwatches and phones, for easy access CJMCU-811 module is preferred so that you can use it as a standard I2C device.

Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) sensing from0 to 32,768 parts per billion
eCO2 sensing from400 parts per million to 29,206 ppm
Module size:15mm*21mm
Working voltage1.8V ~ 3.3V DC
Supply Current30ma
Storage Temperature-40 ~ 125C

Applications of CCS811 air quality sensor

This device can be mainly used for indoor air quality monitoring equipments such as

  • Smart home
  • Smartphones
  • Wearables gadgets
  • Smart Watch
  • Home and Building automation

Features of CCS811 air quality sensor

  •  I2C bus Interface
  • Ultra-low power consumption can be used in battery powered equipment
  • high sensitivity
  • fast heating
  • Integrated MCU
  • Onboard Processing
  • Five Operating Modes
Pin NumberPin NameDescription
1VCCPower supply for the module can typically 3.3V is used
2GNDGround of the module, connected to ground of the circuit
3SCLSerial Clock Line, used to provide clock pulse for I2C communication
4SDASerial Data Address, used to transfer the data through I2C communication
5WAKWake (active low)
6INTInterrupt (active low)
7RSTReset (active low)
8ADDSingle address select bit to allow alternate address to be selected

CCS811 Datasheet

Download datasheet, it provide details specification, features, dimensions, mounting guidelines etc.

CCS811 Arduino Circuit 

To interface the CJMCU-811 module with Arduino  we need only four jumper wire and we can get basic air quality readings from the sensor.

The digital output of CJMCU-811  air quality sensor mudule communicates via I2C Bus. Connect sensor board’s 3.3V pin to Arduino 3.3V pin and Gnd to Gnd pin of Arduino, then connect I2C bus pin SDA to A4 and SCL to A5 pin of Arduino board same for Arduino uno and arduino nano. for arduino mega you can use pin 20 -SDA an pin 21-SCL.

To get the basic result we use the Sparkfunccs811 arduino library and below circuit diagram,

ccs811 arduino
ccs811 air quality sensor

CCS811 Arduino Code

For this sensor we use a library this is the adafruit one – you can use the library manager and add this. or download

And this is the out of the box ccs811 arduino code example.

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*The change in resistance is greatest over the first 48 hours of operation. ams advises customers to run CCS811 for 48 hours in the selected mode of operation to ensure sensor performance is stable. run CCS811 for 20 minutes everytime, before accurate readings are generated.