One of the frustrations during DIY electronics is the finding most accurate measuring instrument. If I want to inform you of a great new Digital Multimeter, such as the MESTEK DM100C Smart Digital Multimeter, I can post photos to demonstrate exactly how much advance features tech is this Smart Digital Multimeter.

Like the Digital Multimeter before it, the MESTEK DM100 sells for close to half the price of competing Digital Multimeter in its class.

A great new display can also be photographed to show off its strengths of 10000 counts with analog scale.


 DM100C Digital Multimeter

DM100C Digital Multimeter costs less than $30, and besides the standard multimeter functions, it also featured with Smart double core, digital/analog dual display, manual/auto range, variable frequency voltage, fuse alarm, T-RMS,Insert error alarm, frequency test, temperature measurement, detection voltage, intelligent recognition, fire line identification, AC frequency measurement, black and white reverse, lighting function, data retention, anti-burn protection.

Where to Buy?

The MESTEK Multimeter  is available in many Chinese online stores. Its price varies, but you can get it for approximately $28 in most stores.

Check Price on Aliexpress | Banggood | Amazon | GearBest

My personal favrate for this product is GearBest Fast Shipping + Low Price + Wolrdwide Delivery

Applications of DM100

This TRMS digital multimeter is most suitable for DIY Electronics and electrical work where accuracy matters such as

  • DIY electronics Projects
  • Electrical Testing
  • Automotive Repairing
  • Engineering Students

Main Features of DM100

  • Intelligent dual core measurement data processing
  • High speed measurment of voltage Registance and capacitance
  • 10000 count, analog bar plus digital double display
  • Manual range and automatic range design
  • Variable Frequency Voltage (VFC) measurement function
  • Soft rubber sheath, anti-drop protection
  • The fuse is disconnected from the automatic alarm function
  • 1KHz true RMS measurement
  • The pen is inserted into the anti-burn alarm function
  • NCV : Non-contact Voltage Detection
  • Automatic identification of diode & on-off files
  •  LIVE single-table pen recognition fire line
  • AC voltage and current frequency test
  • Temperature file can measure ambient temperature
  • 99.9mF large capacity value range
  • With probe -20 – 1000 °C temperature measurement
  • Power supply: 2 x AA battery ( not included )
DM100C Review Price Specifications
DM100C Review Price Specifications
DM100C Features

What makes it different than a typical multimeter?

  • DM100 is best Multimeter for High value capacitance Measurements up to 99.9mF
  • DM100 seris provide high precision Measurements  with VFC Variable frequency voltage measurement mode
  • Intelligent design for advanced testing
DM100C Features

Safety Features 

Misoperation mis-insert anti-burn alarm functionMisoperation mis-insert anti-burn alarm function

It is easy to forget that the wrong meter is inserted in the current file. The DM100 will prompt an error on the screen and beep the alarm until the test pen is inserted into the position that will not cause the multimeter to be fired, so as to prevent the burn as a priority.

Current gear protection is more professional and effective

The fast-dissolving professional ceramic fuse tube is built in the 600mA/10A gear. After the fuse is blown, the DM100 will prompt FUSE on the screen and beep alarm, so that the user can intuitively find the status of the multimeter current file and improve the maintenance test. Work efficiency.

When the voltage input terminal and the common terminal are connected to a voltage of no more than 250V, the DM100C fully automatic full-range gear protection, the mains 220V can reach the full gear anti-burn

MESTEK DM100C Digital Multimeter | Review | Price | Specifications 1


It’s an excellent choice if you want a high-quality Digital Multimeter without spending too much budget.

*disadvantages of this multimeter is it doesn’t come with the μA current measurment range.

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