ZP13 Smoke Detection Module For Arduino

The ZP13 smoke module uses advanced chip thick film semiconductor gas sensor. The sensor is extremely sensitive to gases such as smoke and propane. The module is aged, debugged, calibrated, and calibrated with good consistency and high sensitivity.

Semiconductor Gas Sensor

“semiconductor Gas Sensors consist of semiconductor material between two metal electrodes and which respond to changes in the composition of the surrounding atmosphere gas coming into contact changes either the conductivity or resistivity from a known baseline value.”

The demand for thick film semiconductor  gas sensors has increased over the last few years owing to their real-time monitoring, cost effectiveness, and reliability in performance.

Applications of Z13 Smoke Sensor

this thick film semiconductor chip based gas sensor is widely used in

  • Home smoke alarms,
  • Industrial smoke alarms and
  • Portable smoke detection instruments
  • environmental monitoring
  • Intelligent Integrated ceiling
  •  ventilator
  • Air cleaner
  • fresh-air system

Features of ZP13 Smoke Detector

  • low price
  • small size (49.5mm x 19.4mm) and lightweight
  • Extremely high sensitivity,
  • Excellent long-term stability,
  • Factory-calibrated calibration,
  • Sensor fault self-diagnosis,
  • low power consumption,
  • 3min preheating judgment,
  • long life, and
  • high cost performance.
Specifications Discriptions
Detection gas propane, smoke
Physical interface: XH2.54-4P terminal socket
Output data: A signal switching output
Operating voltage:  5.0±0.2V DC (no voltage reverse connection protection)
Output data type: TTL level (built-in 200Ω protection resistance)
Working current:  ≤60mA
Warm-up time:  ≤ 3 minutes
Response time:  ≤ 20 seconds
Recovery time : ≤ 60 seconds
Working temperature:  0~50°C
Working humidity: ≤95%RH
Storage temperature: -20 ~ 60 ° C
Dimensions: 24 × 20 × 15mm
Sensitivity attenuation: ≤1%/year
Service life: ≥5 years

ZP13 Dimensions


ZP13 Pinout

Pin Pin Name Function
1 GND Input power –
2 5V Input power +
3 A Output A
4 B Output B

Output Signal

Grade Output A Output B Pollution Grade
0 0V 0V Clean
1 0V +5V Light pollution
2 +5V 0V Moderate pollution
3 +5V +5V Severe pollution

ZP13 Precautions

  • Avoid direct contact of smoke sensor ZP13 with organic solvents (including silicone and other adhesives), coatings, pharmaceuticals, oils and high concentrations of gas.
  • The ZP13 module can not withstand excessive impact or vibration.
  • The module need to preheat more than 5 minutes for the first time to use.
  • Do not install the module in a strong air convection environment.
  • Do not put the module for a long time placed in high concentrations of organic gases.

ZP13  Arduino Smoke Detector


In order to avoid fire accidents, smoke detectors are placed at high-security places. Smoke detectors detect smoke leval as the fire breakout and give an early alarm. In this way, before the fire spreads to other parts of the building, people can be escape and rescue can be done immediately. In this project also a smoke detector has been designed.

In this project, we are going to designe  Smoke Level Detector using ZP13 Sensor and Arduino Nano for measuring the smoke level in environment. ZP13 Sensor comes with 4 pin JST pin connector we have interfaced ZP13 Gas Sensor module with Arduino as shown in diagram.  Pin A and pin B of ZP13  are digital output pin connected to pin D7 and D8 of Arduino.