Sometimes its dificult to find best voltage transducer you need to measure the amplitude of the AC mains voltage, or the frequency or some other parameters. The main difficulty here is that it is highly desirable to have galvanic isolation from the AC mains high voltage. Directly measuring the ac voltage through a simple divider can be too dangerous and increase the complexity of the circuit.  Small power transformer which is a good option to solve this problem and measure the voltage with isolation, but such voltage transducer are bulky size is not suitable to mount on PCB.

ZMPT107 is the best solution to solve all the above problem. ZMPT107 is Ultra Micro high precision Voltage Transducer for PCB Mounting. This module makes it easy to monitor AC mains voltage upto 1000 volts.

Applications of ZMPT107 Voltage Transducer

  • Metering (electrical energy meters)
  • AC Voltage measurment
  • Sensing Overload Current
  • Ground fault detection
  • Household electrical equipment
  • Industrial apparatuses
  • Electrical testing equipment and relay protection

Features of ZMPT107 ultra Micro Precision Voltage Transducer

  • low price
  • small size (49.5mm x 19.4mm) and lightweight
  • Easy PCB mounting
  • Good consistency
  • widely acclaimed
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ZMPT107 Specifications

  • Rated input current: 2mA
  • Rated output current: 2mA
  • Linear range: 0~1000V 0~3mA
  • Isolation withstand voltage: 3000V
  • Turns Ratio: 1000:1000
  • Measurement accuracy Class :0.2
  • Linearity: 0.1%
  • Rated Burdon :<=200Ohm
  • Operating Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • DC coil Resistance: 100 @ 20 deg Cel

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