PZEM-004T V3.0 or Version 3.0 is the upgraded version to replace the old PZEM004T V1.0. The old version has been sold out in most of the online store and no produce anymore. The updated versionof PZEM004T is best for the purpose of the DIY project, where we need to measure the voltage, current, power, energy, frequency, Power factor (frequency and PF is extra added in the new version)using Arduino/ESP8266/Raspberry Pi like opensource platform. In many electrical projects, engineer directly deals with measurements with few basic requirements like

  • High galvanic isolation
  • Parameter display
  • Direct communication with computer
  • Data acquisition and storage with subsequent viewing or copying to the computer.
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This module serves all these basic requirements of measurement PZEM-004T as a separate board. The physical dimensions of the PZEM-004T board is 3.01×7.3 cm, The pzem-004t  module is bundled with 33mm diameter current transformer coil.

The new version has higher precision, faster refresh speed, and more stability communication than the old version.


  • Measuring range:80~260V

  • Resolution: 0.1V

  • Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

Power factor

  • Measuring range: 0.00~1.00

  • Resolution: 0.01

  • Measurement accuracy: 1%


  • Measuring range: 45Hz~65Hz

  • Resolution: 0.1Hz

  • Measurement accuracy: 0.5%


  • Measuring range: 0~10A(PZEM-004T-10A); 0~100A(PZEM-004T-100A)

  • Starting measure current: 0.01A(PZEM-004T-10A); 0.02A(PZEM-004T-100A)

  • Resolution: 0.001A

  • Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

Active power

  • Measuring range: 0~2.3kW(PZEM-004T-10A); 0~23kW(PZEM-004T-100A)

  • Starting measure power: 0.4W

  • Resolution: 0.1W

  • Display format: 
    <1000W, it displays one decimal, such as: 999.9W
    ≥1000W, it display only integer, such as: 1000W
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

Active Energy

  • Measuring range: 0~9999.99kWh

  • Resolution: 1Wh

  • Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

  • Display format: 
    <10kWh, the display unit is Wh(1kWh=1000Wh), such as: 9999Wh
    ≥10kWh, the display unit is kWh, such as: 9999.99kWh

Arduino PZEM004T Interfacing 

PZEM-004T Arduino Wiring Diagram


PZEM-004T module has passive serial communication to connect Arduino Uno. In the below diagram PZEM004T is connected to Arduino using Software serial. Use the following Program to test the module. Before compile download and install the PZEM-004T library

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Learn everything about PZEM-004T V3.0 Module 2PZEM-004T-100A-wiring-Diagram

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