*Important Notification:
Manufacturer of PZEM-004T updated version to replace the old version. The old version has been sold out and no produce anymore.
* *The new version of PZEM-004T has higher precision, faster refresh speed,More parameter and more stability in communication than the old version.

Check the latest Version of PZEM-004T

PZEM-004T is the best for the purpose of the DIY project, where we need to measure the voltage, current and power using Arduino/ESP8266/Raspberry Pi like opensource platform. In many electrical projects, engineer directly deals with measurements with few basic requirements like

  • High galvanic isolation
  • Parameter display
  • Direct communication with computer
  • Data acquisition and storage with subsequent viewing or copying to the computer.

This module serve all these basic requirements of measurement PZEM-004T as a separate board. The physical dimensions of the PZEM-004T board is 3.1×7.4 cm, The pzem-004t module is bundled with 33mm diameter current transformer coil.

The main part of the PZEM-004T module is the SD3004 chip from the SDIC Microelectronics Co., Ltd. In addition, the board having the EEPROM from Atmel(now microchip) 24C02C which is a 2K bit Serial Electrically Erasable PROM with a voltage range of 4.5V to 5.5V. with More than 1 Million Erase/Write Cycles and 200+ Years Data Retention. Two optocouplers PC817, providing galvanic isolation of the serial interface.

Module Features

  • Measuring consumed electricity
  • Serial interface UART with a speed of 9600
  • Supply voltage 5V
  • The possibility of connecting LCD or LED displays
Specifications Discriptions
Working voltage 80 ~ 260VAC
Current measurement 0 – 100 A
Rated power 22kW
Operating frequency 45-65Hz
Measurement accuracy 1.0 grade


1. Electrical parameter measurement function such as voltage, current, connected load and total consuption.
2. The power button clear function.
3. Power-down data storage function (cumulative power down before saving).
4. The serial communication function (comes with TTL serial interface, via various terminals communicate with the adapter plate, read, and set the parameters).

Display Format

1. Power: measurement range 0 ~ 22kW

  • 0 ~ 10kW within the display format of 0.000 to 9.999;
  • Within 10 ~ 22kW display format 10.00 ~ 22.00.

2. Power: measurement range 0 ~ 9999kWh

  • 0 ~ 10kWh within the display format of 0.000 to 9.999;
  • 10 ~ 100kWh within the display format of 10.00 to 99.99;
  • 100 ~ 1000kWh within the display format of 100.0 to 999.9;
  • 1000 ~ 9999kWh and above the display format from 1000 to 9999.

3. Voltage: Test Range 80 ~ 260VAC

  • Display Format 110.0 ~ 220.0.

4. Current: measurement range 0 ~ 100A

  • Display Format 00.00 to 99.99.


A built-in button on the panel, used to make an electricity clear function.
Electricity clear method: Press ZERO key five seconds, then release the button!
Press again to clear the key, the data is cleared and exit charge cleared, cleared so far completed.

Serial Communication

The module is equipped with a TTL serial data communication interface via the serial port can be read and set the relevant parameters; but if you want a device with a USB or RS232 (such as computers) to communicate, then you need to be equipped with different TTL adapter hardware board (USB communication needs with TTL to USB adapter plate; RS232 communication needs with TTL to RS232 adapter plate), the adapter plate of the specific connection details can be found in FIG.


1. This module is suitable for indoor, not outdoor use.
2. the applied load should not exceed the rated power.
3. The wiring can not be wrong.

Project Using  PZEM-004T