Design & Implementation of Accident Prevention and Detection of Automobile


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In the modern world of science and technology, Transportation system is an integral part of living. Having this with us gives us the feel of the most civilized creatures on the planet. Automobiles play a vital role in our daily life but like every other thing, with some positives there are negatives too. Road accidents are the major threat to human lives. Speed is the key factor responsible for many of the accidents. This Project proposes a quite efficient

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Design & Implementation of Accident Prevention and

Detection of Automobile

Intelligent Vehicle Safety Monitoring and Accident Prevention Technology.


  • Automatic alert on Overspeeding. 
  • Drunk driving Detection
  • Accident Detection
  • Send Location of an accident on mobile
  • Working voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC
  • Test voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC
  • Rated power: 100A/22000W
  • Operating frequency: 45-65Hz
  • Measurement accuracy: 1.0 grade


Speeding, drunken drive and not using seat belt are the basic reasons for vehicle accidents. The main aim of the project is to develop a system automatic speed control of vehicle and accident avoidance using infrared sensor and Ultrasonic sensor.Whenever any obstacle is detected in running vehicle depends on distance automatically control the speed of vehicle. Another reason of accident is not using seat belt. In this project, vehicle will not start unless seat belt is tucked in. Also in this project we check whether the person is drunken or not by using the MQ2 GAS sensor. In this system . sensor circuit is used to detect whether the alcohol is consumed by driver or not. When alcohol is detected then vehicle wont start and the information would be given to the owner through text message which will contain the present location of the vehicle through GPS and GSM ,thus preventing accidents. Many lives could have been saved if emergency services could get accident information and reach in time and if drunken drivers are prevented from driving. Nowadays. GPS has become an integral part of a vehicle system. This project proposes to utilize the capability of a GPS to send accident location to a family member. For detecting accidents we are using piezo and three axis module for minor and major accidents. And the particular accident infonnation will be sent to a family member with the current location of the vehicle using GSM and GPS This will help to save valuable human life.

Key Words

GSM, GPS,  Arduino, Accident avoidance, Alcohol  Detection 

Block Diagram

Project Objectives


Design and develop energy measurement system which is reliable, portable, accurate and low cost. Smart energy and power monitor shows you how much energy consumption using in money. So you can see what consumer spending by the minute. Knowing more about how much energy things use, will help you choose the way you use them and save energy.

Circuit Discription

The physical dimensions of the PZEM-004T board is 3.1×7.4 cm, The pzem-004t module is bundled with 33mm diameter current transformer coil. The main part of the PZEM-004T module is the SD3004 chip from the SDIC Microelectronics Co., Ltd. In addition, the board having the EEPROM from Atmel(now microchip) 24C02C which is a 2K bit Serial Electrically Erasable PROM with a voltage range of 4.5V to 5.5V. with More than 1 Million Erase/Write Cycles and 200+ Years Data Retention. Two optocouplers PC817, providing galvanic isolation of the serial interface.

Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram



Arduino based Project


The open-source Arduino Software (IDE) makes it easy to write code and upload it to the board.  IDE allows you to write programs in C & C++ Language and upload them to your board.

Electrical projects


The software is used mainly by electronic design engineers and electronic technicians to create electronic schematics and electronic prints for manufacturing printed circuit boards.

Matlab And Simulink projects for electrical engineering

MATLAB Simulink

MATLAB is the easiest and most productive software environment for engineers and scientists.  Simulink, developed by MathWorks, is a graphical programming environment for modeling, simulating and analyzing multidomain dynamical systems


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01Arduino NanoV3.0IGStoreamazon×Learn More
02LCD Diaplay16*2IGStore××Learn More
03AC Digital Multi function Smart MeterPZEM-004TIGStore××Learn More
04Genral Purpose PCB4″*4″EbayamazonIGStoreDownload
05Relay5V , 230V/7AEbayamazonIGStoreDownload
06RGB LED5mmEbayamazonIGStoreDownload
07Power Supply7809EbayamazonIGStoreDownload
07Power Cord2 pin, 5AEbayamazonIGStoreDownload
07Power Cord2 pin, 5AEbayamazonIGStoreDownload


  • Portable Energy and Power Meters

  • Grid Monitoring

  • Smart Energy Meters

  • Smart Plug


  • High Accuracy

  • Portable and Small size

  • Easy assembly and programming.

  • High Voltage and Current Range

  • Reduced space


  • Voltage below 80V cant be measured


In an application of Smart meter using  IOT platform utility can remotely monitor and control the consumption of  cunsumers.

 IOT based feeder automation and  Wireless Energy Consumption Control based on Prioritised Load Switching



Best project for  Electrical Engineering Students

With over Over Voltage- Under Voltage Protection, Voltage Measurement Current Measurement, Power And Energy Measurements, are easily possible with this projects.

Mr. Pramil Wakchaure


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General Purpose PCB


1) Abstract
2) PowerPoint Presentation: 16-20 Slides
3) Report: 30-65 pages
4) Circuit Diagram: PDF Format
5) Programing :Notepad File


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