Best Final Year Computer Engineering Projects

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IG001 Computer vision-based apple grading for golden delicious apples based on surface features
IG002 Detection of plant leaf diseases using image segmentation and soft computing techniques
IG003 A Practical Privacy-Preserving Recommender System
IG004 Train Delay Prediction Systems: a Big Data Analytics Perspective
IG005 “Computer vision based method for quality and freshness check for fish
from segmented gills”
IG006 “Use of a digital camera as alternative method for non-destructive
detection of the leaf chlorophyll content and the nitrogen nutrition
status in wheat”
IG007 Smart Patrolling: An Efficient Road Surface Monitoring Using Smartphone Sensors and Crowdsourcing
IG008 A Smartphone Based Technique to Monitor Driving Behavior using DTW and Crowdsensing
IG009 Modelling the Internet of Things Under Attack: A G-network Approach
IG010 Counterfeit Detection Based on Unclonable Feature of Paper Using Mobile Camera
IG011 Steganography with Multiple JPEG Images of the Same Scene
IG012 Personal Information in Passwords and Its Security Implications
IG013 Fast Detection of Transformed Data Leaks
IG014 An Emotion Recognition System for Mobile Applications
IG015 Real Time Detection of Phishing Websites
IG016 The Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality in IoT Environment
IG017 Mobile Information System for Small-Scale Rural Farmers
IG018 Development of an early detection system for lameness of broilers using computer vision
IG019 “A fuzzy clustering segmentation method based on neighborhood
grayscale information for defining cucumber leaf spot disease images”
IG020 DAPASA: Detecting Android Piggybacked Apps through Sensitive Subgraph Analysis
IG021 Social Network Analysis With Data Fusion
IG022 Providing Smart Agricultural Solutions to Farmers for better yielding using IoT
IG023 Face Verification via Learned Representation on Feature-Rich Video Frames
IG024 Vehicle Speed Prediction by Two-Level Data Driven Models in Vehicular Networks
IG025 Real-Time Traffic State Estimation With Connected Vehicles
IG026 Face Recognition Using Sparse Fingerprint Classification Algorithm
IG027 Damaged Road Detection in Rural Areas for Improving Agricultural Marketing
IG028 Detecting Rumors Through Modeling Information Propagation Networks in a Social Media Environment
IG029 Guessing Attacks on User-Generated Gesture Passwords
IG030 Flood forecasting using Internet of things and Artificial Neural Networks
IG031 Predicting Upcoming Values of Stress While Driving
IG032 Secure Face Unlock: Spoof Detection on Smartphones
IG033 MasterPrint: Exploring the Vulnerability of Partial Fingerprint-based Authentication Systems
IG034 NetSpam: a Network-based Spam Detection Framework for Reviews in Online Social Media
IG035 Web based Automatic Irrigation System using wireless sensor network and Embedded Linux board
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