Web based Automatic Irrigation System using wireless sensor network and Embedded Linux board


This paper presents an automation of farm irrigation system using a wireless sensor network (WSN) and embedded Linux board. The system provides a web interface to the user so that the user can control and monitor the system remotely. In this paper, Raspberry Pi is used as an embedded Linux board which is designed based on the arm 11 microcontroller architecture. Embedded Linux board makes the communication with all distributed sensor nodes placed in the farm through ZigBee protocol and itself act as a coordinated node in the wireless sensor network. The goal of coordinator node is to collect the parameters like soil moisture and soil temperature wirelessly. Each sensor node consists of soil moisture and soil temperature sensor and one ZigBee RF antenna device for communication with the coordinator node. Raspberry Pi stores collected data in the database and analyzes the stored data. The system will work according to the algorithm developed for watering the crop. The board has an Ethernet interface and runs the simple data web server. Hence coordinator collects the data over ZigBee wireless communication protocol and allow user to monitor the data from a web browser. User can make the irrigation system ON or OFF remotely. The system will reduce the water consumption and giving uniform water to the crop results in increasing yield

Circuit Diagrams